About Us

Life without scuba diving is possible, but very boring.

Together we share a passion and enthusiasm for the underwater world, for its peace and quiet. We love especially the coral reefs.

We had hundreds of dives on the most beautiful places on the planet. We are fascinated by slow movement and floating in the weightlessness of a blue universe, by the beauty of nature and also by wonderful times while traveling.

To capture the experiences and amazing moments around us during scuba diving, we use digital cameras from Canon. Taking photographs and video is kind of relaxation for us.

Through them we want to share with you the great colors, shapes and fragility of the underwater world. We hope that we contribute to its better understanding and protection.

Our scuba diving equipment



Kate (* 1984)

AOWD, Nitrox

Kate and Peter, Bali

Relaxing underwater together


Peter (* 1983)

AOWD, Rescue, Nitrox

Our principles

  • Do not touch the marine life and do not damage corals. Never hold on the reef!
  • Work on your buoyancy and swimming skills. Trim and frog kick is the key.

  • Use streamlined equpiment, do not drag octopus and spg over the reef.

  • Go slow and enjoy the moments underwater.
  • Take only the pictures and memories, leave only the bubbles.

Our equipment

  • compact camera Canon Powershot G16

  • Fantasea Line FG16 underwater housing

  • Fantasea BigEye wide angle lens

  • Subsee Macro 5+ lens and Fantasea +12,5

  • Sola video lights

Our inspiration

Escape to Nature


Martin Strmiska


Island Exposure