Fish and marine life

Photos from scuba diving, ambient light, sometimes added strobe or videolight.
Camera: Canon Powershot G11 and Powershot G16
Arabian picassofish Sweetlips, batfish and other fish on the reef Damselfish in the shipwreck Surgeonfish and school of snappers Clownfish in the anemone Small scorpionfish in the coral Ray under the reef Boxfish Ray on the seabed Flatfish Cuttlefish Surgeonfish School of barracudas Scorpionfish on the coral reef Angelfish and coral reef Cuttlefish Ray trying to mask on the seabed Angelfish Clownfish in the anemone Clownfish and coral reef Butterflyfish Triggerfish Clownfish in the anemone Butterflyfish in the jellyfish soup De Beaufort's flathead School of seabreams Scorpionfish Seabreams Goatfish Cornetfish and coral reef School of seabreams Clownfish in the anemone School of surgeonfish Goatfish School of anthias on the reef Surgeonfish, anthias and coral reef Snapper School of fish and coral reef School of fish Cornetfish School of fish and deep coral reef School of fish Angelfish Clownfish in the anemone School of fish and scuba diver Curious sweetlip Hejno ryb Parrotfish and coral reef School of fish Clownfish in the anemone Batfish Frogfish Hawkfish School of snappers under the pier Angelfish School of fish - snappers and emperors under the pier Stary weever Gurnard Frogfish Damselfish Octopus and goatfish Bigeye scad Damselfish Frogfish Butterflyfish Cuttlefish Hawkfish Clownfish and the anemone Cuttlefish Damselfish and coral reef School of snappers School of sweetlips School of fish Hawkfish Moorish idol Clownfish Surgeon and school of fish Clownfish in the anemone Lizzardfish Pufferfish in the coral garden Pufferfish Butterflyfish and coral reef Trevally Barracuda Pufferfish Butterflyfish School of snappers in the deep Butterflyfish, anthias and coral reef Butterflyfish Butterflyfish and coral reef Goatfish and wrasse Butterflyfish and sweetlips School of fish and Salem Express wreck Clownfish and anemone Parrotfish Lionfish Lionfish Anthias and coral reef Lionfish Coral reef, sweetlips and butterflyfish Grouper Sweetlips Hawkfish Trevally Coral reef and parrotfish Sweetlip School of damselfish Butterflyfish and coral reef Sweetlip Damselfish Clownfish in the anemone Toby Frogfish Sprats Hawkfish Blenny Lizzardfish Ray Eletric ray Triggerfish School of damselfish and coral reef School of snappers and emperors Cuttlefish Black margate and snappers under the pier Seabreams Anthias and other fish on the reef Sweetlips in the deep Wrasse Moorish idol Hawkfish Butterflyfish Hawkfish on the reef Clownfish in the anemone Sweetlip Grouper School of trevallies and pier Grouper and the deep reef Sweetlips