Mediterranean Sea, Island of Gozo scuba diving 2013

Camera: Canon Powershot G11
Marsalforn bay Marsalforn bay Salt Pans Salt Pans Mediterranean Sea, Captain Morgan Cruises Canary melons Evening in Marsalforn Gozo landscape Morning colors, Marsalforn Gozo landscape, opuntia Ramla beach Gozo shore Gozo landscape Ramla beach Mediterranean Sea Victoria city (Ir-Rabat) Victoria city (Ir-Rabat) The Citadel, Victoria The Citadel, Victoria The Citadel, Victoria Ruins, The Citadel View on Victoria Battery, The Citadel Battery, The Citadel Victoria Victoria, magical streets Victoria, magical streets Azur Window Peter, Blue Hole Blue Hole Moray eel Gozo underwater scenery Starfish Sponge and Damsel Blue Hole Arch, underwater decoration Wrasse Scuba divers and octopus Sand steenbras Starfish, Tunicate, Feather duster worm and Cardinalfish Seahorse, diving location Mgarr Ix-Xini Cuttlefish Entrance, Cathedral Cave Wall decoration, Cathedral Cave Small tunnel near Cathedral Cave Fireworm Starry weever Kate Peter Noble pen shell Starfish Fireworms eating jellyfish Wall and scuba diver Painted comber Common two-banded seabream Tunicate Close to the shore Feather duster worm Sea urchin Cardinalfish Painted comber Black-faced blenny Underwater colors, wall Ramla beach Ramla beach Diving locality Ix-Xatt Al-Ahmar with 3 wrecks and nice reef Victoria, magical streets The Rotunda, Xewkija cathedral Magical streets Magical streets Phone booth, Xewkija