Snorkeling Red Sea Egypt

Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam
Cameras: Canon Powershot G10 and G11
Parrotfish Mullets and damsels Parrotfish, triggerfish, wrasse and surgeonfish on the reef Mullets Wrasse Butterflyfish Octopus Octopus Parrotfish Mullets Coral reef Mullets Triggerfish Surgeonfishes and parrotfish Surgeonfish Mullets Surgeonfish Mullets Parrotfish Blenny School of mackerel School of mackerel School of mackerel School of mackerel Parrotfish Hawkfish Wrasse Coral reef Octopus Coral reef Coral reef Coral reef Goatfish Clearfin lionfish Pair of little dragonfish Shallow sea Pair of butterflyfish Butterflyfish, wrasse and pufferfish Barracudas Coral reef Dolphins Pufferfish Trevally and Barracudas Barracudas Octopus Green devil scorpionfish Parrotfish Scrawled filefish