Scuba diving and snorkeling Red Sea 2011

Utopia Beach Resort, Oriental Bay (Aurora Bay - Jabal Al Rosas)
Camera: Canon Powershot G11
Early morning dive at 5:35 Hotel Utopia Beach Club Hotel Utopia Beach Club Good morning, Red Sea! New day On the beach Around the hotel Road Halaieb We Shalatein, Oriental Bay Night sign close to the road Sunrise over the bay Palm tree Evening on the beach Heron Stoneface Blenny Reflections Panther Flounder Christmas Tree Worm Carpet flathead (Crocodilefish) Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Squamose giant clam Yellowtail barracudas Coral reef Pyjama slug Pyjama slug Dolphins Sun and the reef Sun and the reef The deep Damsel on the reef White coral Ree Corals and Red Sea coral grouper Shapes of the reef Variegated Lizardfish Yellow waver coral Coral garden with Pufferfish Shallow reef Lionfish Basslet Masked Butterflyfish Red Sea Anemonefish Reef and the fish soup Damsel Forster's Hawkfish Orangespotted Trevally Details of the reef Red Sea Anemonefish Blenny Red Sea Anemonefish Forster's Hawkfish Reef shapes Pufferfish The Wall Bubble coral Sponge Reef Reef Remains of the military base Butterflyfish and the reef Kate in the blue universe Reef