Scuba diving Red Sea - Oriental Bay (Aurora Bay) 2012

Oriental Bay (Aurora Bay - Jabal Al Rosas), Abu Dabbab, Elphinstone reef
Camera: Canon Powershot G11
Oriental Bay Hotel Oriental Oriental Bay Oriental Bay Oriental Bay Oriental Bay Oriental Bay Oriental Bay Oriental Bay Oriental Bay Oriental Bay Oriental Bay Peter Kate Anemonefish Bay full of jellyfishes Reef Jellyfish School of fish Feather duster worm Bubbles Sun rays Sea turtle Kate and the school of yellowtail barracudas School of yellowtail barracudas Lizardfish Reef with anthiases and chromises Stingray Sea turtle in Abu Dabab Honeycomb coral Attacking Sohal surgeonfish Bluespotted stingray Jellyfish Panther electric ray (Panther Torpedo Ray) Little coral tree full of life Feathery xenid Reef Lizzardfish in sand Kate in Abu Dabab bay Arabian Picasso triggerfishes Jellyfish Varicose wart slug Sponge Anemonefish Christmas tree worm Squat cleaner shrimp Upside-down jellyfish Scorpionfish Acropora humilis Coral garden Reef and jellyfishes Triggerfish Magnificent anemone Scorpionfish Anthiases in Elphinstone Carped flathead (Crocodilefish) Yellowfin goatfishes Elefant ear coral Reef and jellyfishes Detail of the reef Lionfish Goby Ornate shrimp Reef and wrasse Sea turtle and trevally, Abu Dabab bay Dolphin :-) Blenny Magnificent anemone Christmas tree worm Panther flounder Alive and dead Bluespotted stingray, Abu Dabab bay Pufferfish Pufferfish Brain coral Cuttlefish Butterflyfishes Reef in shallow water Hunting lionfish Giant clams Boxer shrimp Hawkfish Sea turtle Kate, Elphinstone reef Bubbles Kate and Sea turtle Sea turtle Elphinstone reef Yellow waver coral Butterflyfishes