Red Sea snorkeling Egypt

Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh
Camera: Canon Powershot G11
Ambient light, underwater white balance mode, photo in jpeg file only
Clam Wrasse Anthias and reef in the deep Grouper Lionfish Triggerfish Grouper Moray eel Parrotfish Anthias and surgeonfish Reef and lionfish Butterflyfish Parrotfish Parrotfish Butterflyfish Seabream and goatfish Damselfish and coral Reef, sea cucumber and anthias Grouper Octopus Octopus Octopus Moray eel and school of fish Grouper Groupers Detail of coral reef Coral reef and fish Kate snorkeling and taking pictures Coral reef and moray eel Reef and scorpionfish Reef and parrotfish Moray eel in the deep School of fish on the reef - surgeonfish and rudderfish Hawkfish Parrotfish School of fish - seabreams Triggerfish Surgeonfish and grouper Moray eel School of fish and coral reef School of fish and coral reef Scorpionfish Parrotfish Rudderfish, anthias and reef School of seabreams Scorpionfish Parrotfish Pufferfish Moray eel Goatfish Parrotfish Surgeonfish Coral reef Triggerfish