Sea turtles

Scuba diving: Bonaire, Curacao, Red Sea - Egypt, Philippines, Indonesia

The state of weightlessness, freedom, liberty, movement in 3D space. Scuba diving is amazing and, in addition to freedom under the water, we enjoy meetings with a variety of underwater life.

Dives with turtles are one of our best unforgettable experiences. We've dived with them on the Caribbean islands of Bonaire and Curacao, in the Red Sea, in the Philippines and in the Indonesia.

Two sea turtles and school of fish, Caribbean island of Curacao.

Turtle tucked under the anchoring point and preparing for sleep, Curacao.

Kate swimming with sea turtle, Curacao.

Sea turtle in the tropical blue, close to the water surface of Caribbean sea, Curacao.

A small sea turtle on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.

A turtle above the sea bottom, Caribbean island of Bonaire.

Peter and a turtle.

A curious turtle touching the camera.

A turtle and a trevally, Red Sea.

A swimming turtle, Red Sea.

A turtle on the sea bottom in Marsa Alam, Red Sea.

Kate and a big sea turtle, Red Sea.

Sunrays and a turtle, Apo island, Philippines.

A turtle above coral reef, Bali island, Indonesia.

Peter and Kate